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I love photo’s of birds even though i am never fast enough myself to photograph many. I have tried before but i never really seem to be able to get the right angle or shot. I will go for a walk in the woods with my family and take the camera and try to capture some of the nature in the wild but it never really comes out how i want it to, thats why i am always happy to see someone who can actually take good photos

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Today’s picture,  from my sister Susan who is visiting Cyprus, shows the sunset in Limassol.  She only sent it to annoy us, as we have not seen any sun for days here.

sunset in Limassol

Another grey day, with cloud shrouding the tops of our hills, proved an adequate incentive not to go rushing out on the bike after my busy day yesterday.  I felt quite tired and I am going to behave myself for the moment at least.  I cycled up to Arthur’s to give him some help with his new e-mail account and enjoyed watching a collared dove giving a jackdaw a really hard time in his garden.  If the jackdaw settled in the garden, even for a moment, the dove chased it out furiously.  I would not have thought that that was the way that things would go at all, reckoning the jackdaw to be the likely aggressor.

Mrs Tootlepedal…

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Xbox & Chumby hacker designs open source Geiger counter

Wow this is neat, a hand held opensource Geiger counter. Now we can all be ready for when we get nuked lol


Xbox hacker and co-founder of the Chumby project, Andrew “Bunnie” Huang, has designed an open-source Geiger counter to help citizens in Japan detect radiation in the wake of the nuclear disaster, Huang writes on his blog. After several design iterations, Huang writes that he created a Geiger-counter design that he wanted to be “suitable for everyday civilian use,” affordable, intuitive, easy to use and “sufficiently stylish.”

Above is the final design, and to the right, one of the prototypes. The final design includes:

  • Extensive logging capabilities
  • The ability to work in scenarios where Internet and power have been out for days
  • A sensor that can detect all three forms of radiation.

(It doesn’t have a radio (wireless capabilities).)

Huang says he doesn’t plan on manufacturing the Geiger counter, but has donated the design to the community (and open-sourced it), and that means a long-time Geiger counter maker International…

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Groupon UK told to clean up after record complaints

To be honest i have never really liked Groupon or its idea of business. I know people love it because they think they are getting a good deal but what about the businesses that have to advertise on there and discount their goods so much that they actually lose money? Its all greed where people want so much for nothing. Yet if it was their own business they wouldnt like it.


Groupon screenshotOver the last year, the U.K. arm of Groupon (s:GRPN) has been the subject of a record number of complaints about the way it advertises deals to users, makes claims about products on sale and treats users.

Now the company has been told in no uncertain terms that it needs to stop and clean up its act.

After an investigation that was started in December by the Office of Fair Trading — Britain’s equivalent of the Federal Trade Commission — the site was told that it had breached consumer regulations on a wide range of occasions and given a three month deadline to fix its wrongdoing, or face legal action.

In a statement from the OFT on Friday, the organization said that “widespread” breaches and serious worries about the way it works.

“The investigation found widespread examples of Groupon’s practices which in the OFT’s view breached consumer protection regulations,”…

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Don’t Make These 5 Common Sex Mistakes

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Raymond Ibrahim wrote:

Christian minorities, who, at 10% of the Syrian population, have the most to gain from a secular government and the most to suffer from a Sharia-state, have no choice but to prefer Assad. They are already seeing aspects of the alternative. A recent Barnabas Fund report titled “Christians in Syria Targeted in Series of Kidnappings and Killings; 100 Dead,” tells of how “children were being especially targeted by the kidnappers, who, if they do not receive the ransom demanded, kill the victim.” In one instance, kidnappers videotaped a Christian boy as they murdered him in an attempt to frame the government; one man “was cut into pieces and thrown in a river” and another “was found hanged with numerous injuries.”

Accordingly, it is understandable that, as an earlier report put it, “Christians have mostly stayed away from the protests in Syria, having been well treated and afforded…

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I’m getting Older or My Gooey Banana Nutella Brownies packed with Toasted Hazelnuts and topped with Luscious Mascarpone Nutella Frosting/ J’ai encore vieilli ou Mes Brownies Nutella Banane aux noisettes torréfiées et glaçage Nutella Mascarpone.

These just look great, i must try making them, Yum!!

I’m getting Older or My Gooey Banana Nutella Brownies packed with Toasted Hazelnuts and topped with Luscious Mascarpone Nutella Frosting/ J’ai encore vieilli ou Mes Brownies Nutella Banane aux noisettes torréfiées et glaçage Nutella Mascarpone..

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Atif980: How To Remove Facebook Timeline in Google Chrome?

So you want to remove Timeline from your Facebook? Well this little trick seems to work on my PC, how does it work for you?


Atif980: How To Remove Facebook Timeline in Google Chrome?.

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