A gentler day

I love photo’s of birds even though i am never fast enough myself to photograph many. I have tried before but i never really seem to be able to get the right angle or shot. I will go for a walk in the woods with my family and take the camera and try to capture some of the nature in the wild but it never really comes out how i want it to, thats why i am always happy to see someone who can actually take good photos

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Today’s picture,  from my sister Susan who is visiting Cyprus, shows the sunset in Limassol.  She only sent it to annoy us, as we have not seen any sun for days here.

sunset in Limassol

Another grey day, with cloud shrouding the tops of our hills, proved an adequate incentive not to go rushing out on the bike after my busy day yesterday.  I felt quite tired and I am going to behave myself for the moment at least.  I cycled up to Arthur’s to give him some help with his new e-mail account and enjoyed watching a collared dove giving a jackdaw a really hard time in his garden.  If the jackdaw settled in the garden, even for a moment, the dove chased it out furiously.  I would not have thought that that was the way that things would go at all, reckoning the jackdaw to be the likely aggressor.

Mrs Tootlepedal…

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  1. The secret is to save enough money to buy a really good DSLR camera.

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