Groupon UK told to clean up after record complaints

To be honest i have never really liked Groupon or its idea of business. I know people love it because they think they are getting a good deal but what about the businesses that have to advertise on there and discount their goods so much that they actually lose money? Its all greed where people want so much for nothing. Yet if it was their own business they wouldnt like it.


Groupon screenshotOver the last year, the U.K. arm of Groupon (s:GRPN) has been the subject of a record number of complaints about the way it advertises deals to users, makes claims about products on sale and treats users.

Now the company has been told in no uncertain terms that it needs to stop and clean up its act.

After an investigation that was started in December by the Office of Fair Trading — Britain’s equivalent of the Federal Trade Commission — the site was told that it had breached consumer regulations on a wide range of occasions and given a three month deadline to fix its wrongdoing, or face legal action.

In a statement from the OFT on Friday, the organization said that “widespread” breaches and serious worries about the way it works.

“The investigation found widespread examples of Groupon’s practices which in the OFT’s view breached consumer protection regulations,”…

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